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What are life's most important questions? Does anyone have the answers? Would you travel over land and sea to find the wise hermit who knows? Join us for Quest, where our heroine starts a journey to discover this herself in an original circus-theater production created by Leslie Buxbaum Danzig, based on Tolstoy’s The Three Questions. This celebration of the present moment will make you laugh and gasp with awe. 
“Recommended . . . a standout act by Amanda Crockett” – Chicago Reader
“Any of these circus numbers could be stand-alone entertainment.” – The Fourth Walsh
“what is happening is ambitious, adventurous, inventive and full of amazing flipping, climbing, swinging and tossing . . . The king, played by Amanda Crockett, is especially charming . . . the best moments of the show are the occasions when you seem to forget that you are watching a circus and simply see the stunts as moments in time of conquering an obstacle” – Third Coast Review
“glued to the action, looking high and low, watching each move and where the performers might be next.” – Around the Town Chicago
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Noyes Cultural Arts Center

927 Noyes St
Evanston, IL 60201