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Zephyr performs Recurrences, a re-staged, shortened reconstruction of elements from its piece Allowances and Occurrences, which premiered in 2012 at Defibrillator Gallery. Performers include original cast members Michelle Kranicke and Andrea Cerniglia and current Zephyr member Molly Fe Strom.

Allowances and Occurrences was one of choreographer Kranicke’s early works investigating proximity, perception and the framing of movement. A progression of unfolding events enveloped the viewer and gave them control over where to look and their relationship to each performer, as well as how long to engage in particular elements of the piece. The work used ever-changing viewpoints of space and movement to unseat performer and audience. David Sundry reconstructs his original architectural installation for The Martin, and Kranicke reconstructs elements of the original work and the landscape that merged seating, viewing and dance sequences. Each of the two performances dissects a different group of elements from the original piece, reconfiguring and adapting the movement for The Martin.

This event also includes performances by special guests, Ayako Kato (Oct. 2) and Andrea Cerniglia (Oct. 9)

Running Time
45 minutes
Dance Styles
Modern / Contemporary


The Martin

2500 W. Chicago Ave.
Chicago, IL 60622