The Retreat : One Week

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The Retreat : One Week
June 18 - 24

a 168 hour performance getaway

_______Clear your calendar
____________Visit for the evening
__________________Linger for the day
______________________Camp out for the week

The culmination of this project, The Retreat : One Week will run continuously for 168 hours, fostering a quality of attention like wilderness wandering: expansive and still, full of unexpected discovery, engendering retrospection. Like the wilderness, The Retreat is ongoing, preexisting your visit and remaining after you leave. You can visit for the evening, linger for a day, or camp out for the week.

The Retreat is a world of fabric and light, sound and movement. It is dance performance and music concert. It is shared meals and participatory meditative movement practice. It is art sleep-overs and curated conversation. Sprawling and minute, mesmerizingly repetitive and chaotically unpredictable, it functions as a retreat, offering deep engagement and a state of beneficial boredom, positioning this often-suppressed form of attention as radical engagement with time and self.

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Dance Styles
Modern / Contemporary


The Glass Factory

Chicago, IL 60608