Revitalizing Tradition XIII Japanese Classical Dance

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Asian Improv aRts Midwest presents: Shubukai’s Revitalizing Tradition XIII

and Illinois Arts Council Master Apprentice Final Presentation


Originally created 13 years ago by Grandmaster Yoshinojo Fujima to highlight her teacher, founder of Shubukai, Grandmaster Shunojo Fujima, the Revitalizing Tradition series has been accomplished using a variety of methods such as lecture, workshop, demonstration, and performance.  Our arts tradition is centered around the presentation of the art, the preservation of the aesthetics, and the transmission of the legacy.  The 13th Revitalizing Tradition will present five different classical dance pieces from Fujima style classical Dance, with an array of traditional kimono, dance style, and gender presentation. We are proud to be presenting two of our young adult dancers, Erin Ikeuchi, and Miyumi Aoki. This year we are honored to also have Sanjuro Toyoaki playing shamisen as traditionally played in the geisha house (ozashiki).  


Running Time
1 hour
Dance Styles
Traditional/Indigenous Dance


High Concept Labs at Mana Contemporary Chicago

2233 S Throop St
Fourth floor
Chicago, IL 60608