Ring S O U R - Khecari & Blind Tiger Society

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This combined evening of contemporary dance features Chicago's Khecari and guests Blind Tiger Society from San Francisco, presented in conjunction with Links Hall's Midwest Nexus Touring Initiative. Khecari's Julia Antonick and Jonathan Meyer will show a next iteration of their ongoing duet improvisation "Orders from the Horse," and Blind Tiger Society will show "Dressage," a duet for director Bianca Cabrera and company member Rebecca Morris.

December 18 & 19, 2015 
7pm - 8:30pm | main event only | $25 general or $15 low income
4pm - 8:30pm | durational performance + main event | $30 general or $20 low income

Links Hall | 3111 N. Western Ave
Tickets on sale at: http://linkshall.ticketfly.com

“Orders from the Horse is like a long night of shared dreams. Dynamic, honest, utterly assured...”
- Laura Molzahn, The Chicago Tribune

“Through an intense mixture of energy, movement and sound, the [Blind Tiger] Society gives a taut, supernova performance that will leave unsuspecting audiences breathless, emotionally drained but wanting more.”
- Lori Higa, Potrero View


Khecari’s "Orders from the Horse" arises from the practice of a low-brain awareness, like arising in the middle of the night and negotiating dark hallways with a grey, half-wakened cognizance. Performers ride dips, rises, and eddies; falling in, through, or past each other’s wake as they move. In the music and movement, cyclic rhythms are multiple and overlapping, coexisting like tonics and harmonics, presenting the phenomenon of Emergence, where dyssynchronous patterns find brief and repeated moments of conjunction. This second in-progress iteration at Links Hall builds on last year's performance offering the choice of a 200 minute durational experience or 30 minute taste that is developing towards a final event at The Graham Foundation’s Madlener House in summer of 2016.



Blind Tiger Society’s Dressage opens onto a story of obedience and rebellion: a spectacle shimmying out of the reins of stricture and subjugation, in search of a more substantive point of connection with the human animal. Decidedly out to re-wild the body, the will of this new work is to electrify the exchange between the feral and the bridled. Clarity and line set the precedent for fiercely technical contemporary dance while Contact and Improvisation raise the bar for virtuosity and adventure. Blind Tiger Society’s signature aesthetic is visible in the rigor of the movement, tenacity of the composition and in the indulgent and sensuous physicality.



The Midwest Nexus Touring Exchange provides Chicago-based performing artists with support to develop relationships with artists, institutions, organizations, and presenters so that they many tour their work regionally and nationally.


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Modern / Contemporary


Links Hall

3111 N. Western Ave. at Constellation
Chicago, IL 60618
(773) 281-0824