Spotlight Series: What Dancers Bring to the World of Work

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Our Spotlight Series highlights the transferable skills that performing arts and entertainment professionals can use to generate work in other professional arenas. Through this series arts workers will gain resources to expand their career opportunities in and out of the business.  

Spotlight on Dancers
Years of exacting dance training and performance build key skills needed to succeed in the coronavirus world: adaptability and flexibility, creativity and innovation, critical thinking, emotional Intelligence and leadership, along with mind/body awareness and time management muscles. This session will highlight strategies and resources dancers can utilize to connect their impressive toolkit to the current labor market.  

During this discussion you will: 

  • Hear from dancers  who have successfully applied their skills to new and different settings.  

  • Learn about jobs and fields--in the fast-evolving labor market--where your professional skill sets are needed and wanted. 

  • Connect with resources for identifying new directions and to support your job search.


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