Time & Again

Event Type
Online Event
Event Description

Watch the latest dance film produced by Lawson Dance Theatre, "Time & Again."

A note from the Director/Choreographer:

Every day we are faced with choices. Some of them are big, some seem all but inconsequential. Regardless, every moment comes at the expense of another possible moment. An economist would call this the opportunity cost. If you subscribe to the theory of parallel universes, the choice you made along with every other possible choice, could have actually occurred. But you, your human self, can only experience one possibility. Every decision we make forever closes the door to those possible timelines.

Now imagine those doors are opened. Imagine you can see not only what is, but what might have been, not just what will be, but what could be. Would you want to know? Would you choose differently?

-Cara Wedeking

Running Time
10 minutes
Dance Styles
Modern / Contemporary