Together Moving: Community-building Contemporary/Modern for experienced movers

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Together Moving is a weekly class to rediscover our dancing selves as we rediscover moving together. Led by Gina Hoch-Stall with a responsive mixture of hands-on anatomical exploration, movement sequences designed for maximal experimentation, communal discourse, and thick, complex phrase-work, we skill-build, strength-train and move, move, move. It is sweaty and somatic and radically anti-hierarchical with a specific emphasis on floorwork and inversions. We watch each other move, play with our ideas about moving, and discover the overlap between what we're striving for and we have to offer one another.  We practice not hating ourselves for being a flawed and mortal humans and celebrating one another's abilities with full-throttled support because there is enough good dancing to go around.

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This class might be a good fit if you...

-Are an experienced mover with multiple years of committed movement practice and a strong relationship with your body.
-Are seeking spaces where you can feel seen and can get to know other dancing folx.
-Crave a classroom dynamic that meets you where you are [injured, aging, fragile, frustrated] and helps you discover dancing that feels satisfying for your in-this-moment self.
-Understand your strengths and growth areas and believe you have something to offer others.
-Want to re/learn how your body works in ways that can immediately apply to your movement goals.
-Are tired of shame-based, anonymous, hierarchy-perpetuating, white supremacist dancing spaces and want to be a part of building something different.

Running Time
1 hour, 30 minutes
Dance Styles
Modern / Contemporary


The Rooted Space

1803 W Byron St. Suite 201
Chicago, IL 60613
(508) 471-6474