Tron: End of Line

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“…but what of souls? Where does their equation begin and end? Where is the end of line for a soul?”

Most recently making headlines with last summer’s time-traveling production of “The Cotton Mouth Club”, CHICAGO DANCE CRASH has been described as "a compelling mixture of ballet, breakdancing, hip hop, and dangerous acrobatics into seamless alignment." Crash puts its pop/art formula of dance and storytelling into hyperdrive with a summer production like never before. Choreographer Jessica Deahr and writer Mark Hackman team up with video animator Zach Moore to tell an original story from the “Tron” universe; complete with all the expected laser lights, visual effects, and video game-like energy that comes with it!

Based on stories written in 1976 by Steven Lisberger when he became fascinated with the electronic game ‘Pong’, the Tron films, comic books, and animated features paint a reality in which video game “programs” are free-thinking, living entities that sustain a faith-based relationship with the human beings that control them… the “users.” CDC takes this concept to the year 2155 A.D. with an original narrative where the lines of technology and spirituality are even further blurred as Kait, a single mother at her first day of work, is caught in a three-sided journey of revenge, destiny, and faith in the unseen.

Too deep for a dance show? In true Crash form, the evening-length story is wrapped in a family-friendly, easy-to-swallow package full of neon bodysuits, laser disc battles, and a peppy
hip hop/electronica soundtrack. With a production style that can only be described as “state-of-the-art,” the 300+ seat Biograph Theater serves as a perfect canvas for our technical team
to execute eye-popping action sequences, heartfelt character exposition, and a seamless combination of live action performers and projected video animation.

Dance Styles
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Hip Hop