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Choreographer: Stanton Welch

Music: Ross Edwards

Contemporary in design and abstract in nature, Maninyas is a powerful, exotic and passionate ballet that explores the sometimes frightening process of revealing oneself layer by layer in a relationship.

Joffrey Premiere

The Man in Black

Choreographer: James Kudelka

Music: Johnny Cash

Six of Johnny Cash’s later songs are given visual resonance in a suite of dances for an ensemble of three men and a woman, all in cowboy boots. The choreography riffs off several popular American country-western dance styles. Like the songs that inspired it, The Man in Black is an ode to the human spirit, vulnerable yet resilient.

Joffrey Premiere


Choreographer: Alexander Ekman

Music: Mikael Karlsson

On the heels of Ekman’s wildly successful Episode 31, we present a second ballet by the young Swedish choreographer. Featuring the full Joffrey company, voice-over commentary and three large onstage LED screens, this is a ballet about ballet. Part homage and part tongue-in-cheek critique, Ekman displays his fresh wit and serious craft.

Joffrey Premiere

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