By Us More Snacks Tour - DaNCEBUMS & Eric Mayson (Minneapolis)

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Join us for an evening of high energy dance and music, part performance, part social gathering!

DaNCEBUMS is a band that makes dances. Inspired by the passion and vitality in the way that audiences respond to their favorite band, DaNCEBUMS set out to cultivate the same enthusiasm for their dances. By creating choreography that adapts to any space, DaNCEBUMS engage hearts and minds in dark clubs, clandestine parties, and the most sought after auditoriums. We are Margaret Johnson, Kara Motta, Eben Kowler, Maggie Zepp, and Karen McMenamy. Music composed and performed by Eric Mayson and Toby Ramaswamy.

DaNCEBUMS makes dance collaboratively and non-hierarchically in Minneapolis. Dubbed “the best dance party in town,” their work straddles the arty and the party as they knowingly move between precise technique and casual pop sensibility. In a search for radical joy, they embrace the awkward, conjure nostalgia, and contemplate bright futures. Their crowd-pleasing performance is imbued with humor, groove, exertion, and extreme bliss.

They have presented work in Minneapolis at the Walker Art Center, Red Eye Theater, The Southern Theater, and the Bryant Lake Bowl. Their web-series, moves4u2do, allows fans to take the choreography off the stage and into their lives with simple instructional videos. DaNCEBUMS is realizing their dream of becoming a dance band - taking their work out of the theater and into bars, music venues, and parties around the midwest. 

  “To describe DaNCEBUMS’ style, you might say it’s the way you imagine yourself dancing when you’re out with your squad, feeling your look and turnt to just the right level.” -Jay Gabler

   “Hilariously Uplifting” – Camille LeFevre

DaNCEBUMS will be joined by singer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Eric Mayson is a workhorse of the Minneapolis music scene.  The in-demand keyboardist and vocalist has backed up Lizzo, Atmosphere, Caroline Smith, Doomtree and many other legendary Minneapolis artists. His debut solo record Detail (2015) “An ambitious sonic collage of psychedelic R&B grooves, experimental hip-hop, and straight-up sexy pop tunes with Mayson’s smooth but piercing voice out front” (-Star Tribune) was rated #6 album of the year by the Star Tribune, and he was voted one of the top five best new artists by City Pages, the Current, and First Avenue.  

“-a talented, inspired musician who has been striving his whole life to make something that sounds precisely like this, while also managing the rare artistic feat of not sounding quite like anything else in the process.” - The Current


We realize that modern dance is not something you’d expect to see at a music venue and you may be asking, “Why?” DaNCEBUMS have been to a lot of concerts. Unlike dance audiences, concert goers often know the music and are outwardly enthusiastic, and physically engaged with the performance.  We want people to see us again and again. We’ve seen the same bands repeatedly and although they may play the same songs, their dynamic as players, their improvisation within a song, and the way each set has its own mood, is really compelling. We feel akin to those bands. So much of the work we do is rooted in a tangible group dynamic as we engage with the choreography in real time and have fun on stage.

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Modern / Contemporary
Hip Hop


Phyllis' Musical Inn

1800 W Division St
Chicago, IL 60622