Valise 13

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Zephyr Dance Artistic Director Michelle Kranicke collaborates with architect and husband David Sundry on the world premiere of Valise 13, an interactive series of vignettes that invite audience members to forge their own paths in an exploration of movement and space. Valise 13 is a succession of separate forays, trajectories, linkages and fleeting formations that chart our inability to tie one moment to another moment, to follow a trail, to dissemble a whole, to adhere to a line of visual argument or adequately involve ourselves in a disparate, continuous unfolding of sound, texture, image and movement. Zephyr dancers migrate along individual pathways, interacting with transformative materials that allow shifts in physicalities and personas. A shimmering enclosure of impermanent materiality occupies the center of the space, opening the edges around it and encouraging the action to settle in the leftover areas of the gallery. Audience members are challenged to account for the unseen parts and spaces between the fragments, and the movers themselves, as they make decisions about who to follow (or not to follow) and which path to take throughout the evening.

Dance Styles
Modern / Contemporary


DEFIBRILLATOR performance art gallery

1463 W. Chicago Ave
Chicago, IL 60642
(773) 485-6284