Virtual Beginning Joel Hall Jazz with Melissa Metro

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Joel Hall has been teaching and refining this floor barre for 47 years, perfecting his unique, world-renowned style of Urban Jazz Dance—the Black experience of jazz dance. Our concentration is on breath, floor strengthening exercises, followed by center barre, choreography, isolations and progressions. Choreographies are based upon the human experience, street life and authentic expression of the spirit. This class is built for movers new to the Joel Hall style of Jazz. Mature movers are welcome and encouraged to attend.
Beginning Joel Hall Jazz is perfect for students new to the Joel Hall style. Students will develop and practice their base knowledge of the technique via content accessible to both new and mature movers.

We’re doing things virtual for now but the the moves, the flair and the attitude are still coming through! Joel Hall Dancers & Center offers top-tier Youth and Adult dance education that is accessible and open to anyone and everyone. Sign up via Mindbody Online by 45 minutes before the time of your class, then tummy-knee-heel-point that cursor at Zoom before it starts to join the classroom!
Contact, our virtual front desk, for technical assistance. It opens 30 minutes before class and closes when class begins.

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60 minutes
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