Barre: Virtual Intermediate / Advanced Floor WERKQ with Joel Hall (online)

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Jul 27, 11:30am
Aug 3, 11:30am
Aug 10, 11:30am
Aug 17, 11:30am
Aug 24, 11:30am
Aug 31, 11:30am
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Joel Hall's Floor WERKQ is a codified technique that focuses on strength, flexibility, and longevity so that you can feel and perform your best, not just for a few years—but for life.

This Jazz Floor Technique will put to practice how breathwork dials you into your core and initiates movement. Explore proper spine and pelvic alignment in various positions, and investigate how gravity changes the muscle groups we utilize with the help of your certified teaching artist. Joel Hall's Breathing Floor WERKQ is accessible to movers of all ages and levels.

Running Time
90 minutes
Dance Styles
African American
Modern / Contemporary
Multi-Ability / Physically Integrated


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