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WORMHOLE is a shared evening of works presented 3 magical femmes of color examining and adjusting reality by werqing the realms of dream, persona, and umbilical pathways to symbolic transformation. Performed by Angela Gronroos, Moonbones (a.k.a. Margaret Morris), Hannah Santistevan.


Angela Gronroos | Mother Mother (working title) -- This work uses the body to rewrite a version of a personal story. The audience witnesses a series of rituals using movement from Judo, Gronroos’ embodied practice of her youth, objects and play to create identity and worlds. "Mother Mother"reveals truths that transcend familial, cultural, societal definitions by re-imagining self and building new mythologies. "Mother Mother" considers the possibility of the rewrite of one’s story that may be difficult to pen down to exactness. Directed by Angela Gronroos; Movement Collaboration with J’Sun Howard; Performed by Angela Gronroos and J’Sun Howard.


Moonbones (a.k.a. Margaret Morris) | Quantum Negress Tantras -- This new work from Moonbones messes with the epigenetics of internalized oppression for a Black female who's grandmother's mom was a child of people who were brutalized, tortured, brainwashed, and exploited within the genocidal United States and alchemises spells for her own and all our Black a$$ liberation.


Hannah Santistevan | Elevator to Stairs -- "Elevator to Stairs" is a multidisciplinary work, pairing contemporary and improvisational dance performance by Hannah Santistevan and animation projections by Zachary Lindemann. "Elevator to Stairs" takes place in the ‘world of dreams.’ While leading the audience through her bizarre dream world, Santistevan translates her reoccurring and lucid dreams into a raw, emotive, and improvisationally driven movement vocabulary - confronting the meaning of images and characters within her dreams. Santistevan exposes the nightmarish and enlightened nature of her subconscious mind by referencing Freudian dream theory. In the Freudian lens, she narrows in on her dreams that act as an appendix to her subconscious mind, while simultaneously unveiling the reality of her waking world. Santistevan evokes questions of her character in the waking world, pertaining to work ethic, monetary value, sexuality, and spirituality – with an all-encompassing anxiety of how her family sees her. Inspired by Sigmund Freud’s theory that “the meaning of dreams are born in - upon you,” Santistevan expresses herself through rigorous movement phrasing to embody the essence and reality within her dream world.

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Modern / Contemporary


Links Hall

3111 N. Western Ave. at Constellation
Chicago, IL 60618
(773) 281-0824