Writing + Movement Workshop

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Writing + Movement Workshop
September 20 / 12-1pm / FREE / Indian Boundary Cultural Center

Khecari offers a community writing + movement practice, open to adults of all abilities. We’ll dig into the concept of touch through physical discussion, drawing and writing exercises.

What touch do we allow? (yielding)
What touch do we disallow? (pushing)
What touch do we desire? (reaching)
A re-greeting of our bodies in space.

We are here together to support the informed consent that will maintain a safe space.

There are many possible reasons to explore intimate touch, but we are investigating touch as a tool for understanding our personal somatic experiences more deeply.

We believe in the value of explorations that may be challenging, in order to broach new territory, but we ask you to not engage in anything that feels uncomfortable to you. You know yourself, what is growthful challenge for you and what is unhealthy. We respect you to draw those lines.

Everyone always has the right to say no, and doesn’t need to explain or justify that “no”, and each of us is obligated to respect each others boundaries.

*While this workshop is for adults, families with children should feel welcome to attend and be present in the space. There is an elevated stage space open for participants to be permeable within the workshop, should they need to enter and exit as needed to caretake for their child.

Running Time
1 hour
Dance Styles
Modern / Contemporary


Indian Boundary Cultural Center

2500 W Lunt Ave.
Chicago, IL 60645