BONEdanse (formerly Breakbone DanceCo)

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BONEdanse is an experimental dance company based in Chicago who creates, performs and presents challenging and stimulating dance theater in unconventional site-specific locations as well as conventional venues and are driven by the use of movement, theater, and multi-media elements by excavating the tropes found within the human experience. BONEdanse is celebrating 13 Years of full evening-length highly theatrical works and extended 2-4 week show runs with their concerts that typically delve into the less frequented territories of human nature to find both strength and fragility.

Since 1997, Breakbone DanceCo., now BONEdanse, has been driven by Atalee Judy's personal "art as therapy" approach to her movement and performance style as a cathartic process to grow and delve into socio-political issues and controversial artmaking as a political stance. The main values founded for the company are a direct result from Judy's belief that art can be a catalyst for overcoming fear and can inspire change for both artist and viewer. Judy's athletic movement vocabulary is a culmination from her experiences in the martial arts, the punk rock scene from the 1980's, formal release techniques in dance as well as a naturally strong, expressive and vulnerable performance style. Currently the company is moving past it's seminal roots of aggressive and combative style of performances to more subtle and surreal explorations. BONEdanse is delving into the concept of unknowns - accepting them, being in the moment and letting go of control - to allow for less formulaic approach to their art.

BONEdanse has performed in Chicago and International venues including The Dance Center of Columbia College, Ruth Page Center for the Arts, Links Hall, Northwestern University's (McCormick Auditorium & Margorie Ward Ballroom), Unviersity of Texas at Austin, Harold Washington Library, Viaduct Theater, Chopin Theater, The Building Stage, Storefront Theater, Museum of Contemporary Art, Prop Thtr, Metro Chicago, Vittum Theater, Athenaeum Theater, Hamlin Park Studio Theater, Strawdog Theater, DiVersia International Festival of Dance at Kostroma Drama Theatre (Kostroma, Russia), Toronto International Dance Festival at Theatre Baillie (Toronto, Canada), The Los Angeles Women's Festival at El Portal Theatre, The Park Studio (Amsterdam), Danse in the Square (Amsterdam, Holland). Judy's achievements have been recognized by her supporters earning numerous consecutive grants from private foundations and an Artistic Fellowship from the Illinois Arts Council in 2006. In 2005 Breakbone was the recipient of the Chicago Dance and Music Alliance's Elizabeth F. Cheney Dance Achievement Award, citing Atalee's work as an example of excellence in the field of dance. In 2009 Judy was granted the Chicago Dancemakers Forum Lab Artist Award. Since 2002 Atalee Judy has been an artist-in-residence with Arts Partner The Chicago Moving Company & Nana Shineflug with Hamlin Park/The Chicago Park District.


BONEdanse (formerly Breakbone DanceCo)

3258 N. Damen Ave 1F
Chicago, IL 60618
(773) 841-2663