The Dance COLEctive reflects on 25 years with a Zoom hangout, watch party and social media retrospective

Celebrating its 25th anniversary season, The Dance COLEctive (TDC) announced Monday a series of virtual gatherings. Established in 1996 as a vehicle for artistic director Margi Cole's choreography, The Dance COLEctive evolved to provide critical opportunities and mentorship for emerging choreographers from within the company. Cole sought creative partnerships with other choreographers, many of whom were her colleagues at the Dance Center of Columbia College (where Cole has taught for more than 25 years). She moved the COLEctive more toward a reperatory model until 2016, when the ensemble disbanded to focus the organization back where it started: on Cole. Since then, she has directed her choreographic energy almost entirely to solo work, including pieces made for her by Margaret Jenkins and Bebe MIller.

“We are always moving forward at such a fast clip that we don’t really spend a lot of time looking back,” Cole said in a prepared statement. “Collaboration has always been central to TDC’S mission; the company has proudly engaged more than 175 collaborators. At 25, the vulnerability TDC feels in this moment is deep, the need to adapt an ongoing necessity. We have the opportunity to shed layers of time and enter new territory with a fresh eye, a renewed energy and more possibility.”

On March 8, TDC supporters can join Cole and friends for a Zoom toast. April 9 will be the first of five Friday watch parties viewing full-length works from TDC's repertoire on YouTube. Keep your eye on social media channels for photos and videos from throughout the company's history, plus "Monday Motivation" on Instagram, a throwback to TDC's early social media campaigns.


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