Chicago Dances 2020

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Event Description
Chicago Dances presents an evening of dance co-created by the cast, each a leader from a spectrum of Chicagos dance communities. The Chicago Dances process aims to facilitate as many cooks in the kitchen as possible.
Lifes a hustle for everyone, and its easy to accidentally start going through it alone, so we do Chicago Dances to make sure people stay together or even meet folks they wouldn't necessarily overlap with otherwise. We make sure to keep the show's topic open, otherwise we might risk silencing important conversations that come up while making it.
Because of that, you wont know quite what the show's about until the curtain goes up  if there's a curtain at all  but you can trust that who youll see will be honest, wildly skillful, and actually care about you.
Speaking of which, you matter as an audience member. React honestly. Care about each other. And please let us know who you are, where you come from, and what you think. 
You are always welcome.
The 2020 Cast and Co-Creators:
Ayako Kato
Benjamin Wardell
Kara Brody
Daniel Gibson
Dee Alaba
Elijah Richardson
Erin Kilmurray
Katlin Bourgeois
For this year's process, anyone in the cast could have time to create "source material" all their own which they could choose to present or not in it's original form during the final show. Either way, all the source material is getting remixed into different ideas by everyone in the cast.
Ayako, Daniel, Elijah, Erin, and Katlin each took the opportunity to make "source material". If you want to see where this year's mix led, get a ticket and bring a friend on over to cozy up. See you soon!
Running Time
1 hour 30 minutes
Dance Styles
Modern / Contemporary


Preston Bradley Center

941 W. Lawrence Avenue
Chicago, IL 60640