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The Cambrians [KAYM-bree-uns] is a brand new, Chicago-headquartered dance production and media company. The Chicago Tribune called our most recent undertaking, The Nexus Project, "hard to describe, but easy to watch", and we love that. At The Cambrians, we use large collaborative processes that coordinate the very best performers with numerous choreographers from many different communities. These processes create genre-bending, interdisciplinary shows which challenge the notion that progressive art can't be accessible. We strive to make sure that as many voices as possible have an influence in the art we put on stage. Working with artists from many perspectives allows us to build art rooted in the human experiences that connect us all.

At our heart, we are driven to build the most meaningful relationships we can, both between ourselves and with our audience. The artists of The Cambrians are highly skilled professionals with substantial personal and institutional ties to all types of dance. We spend much of our time making sure that what we put on stage is easy to understand and edifying for a broad and diverse audience. We're always happy to talk about how we do it, so feel free to reach out to us with any questions. In the end, though, the best option is to come see a show and meet us directly. All of our performances are pay-what-you-can, to prevent money from ever being a barrier.

People in a room, connecting. That's dance. That's The Cambrians

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