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Flamenco masters return to Instituto Cervantes of Chicago, 31 W. Ohio Street, for the 17th Chicago Flamenco Festivala multi-week festival celebrating Flamenco music and dance, running February 15 – March 14. This year’s festival features performances by top Chicago- and U.S.-based Flamenco artists, offering the best international celebration of Flamenco outside of Spain. The 17th Chicago Flamenco Festival opens with the kick off concert on Friday, February 15 at 7:00PM CST, with internationally renowned flamenco guitarist Antonia Jiménez, followed by the Ensemble Español dance company and the Spanish choreographer and flamenco dancer, Carlos Rodríguez, on Saturday, February 16 at 7PM CST. Additional headlining artists include multi-BRIO Award-winning dancer Jesús Ortega; rising flamenco star Manuel Pajares; dancer Elena Andújar and the great flamenco guitar master Miguel Ángel Cortés in concert with dancer Lucía Álvarez “La Piñona.” Highlighting the multi-ethnic cultural roots of flamenco, local Hispanic, Indian, Jewish, Arabic and Romani flamenco artists from Ensemble Español Spanish Dance Theater and Clinard Dance Company will perform. On Tuesday, March 5 at 7:30PM CST, the Flamenco Quartet Project, featuring dancer Wendy Clinard, violinist Steve Gibons, guitarist Marija Temo, singer Alfonso Cid and special guest Antonio Andújar, will perform a Space, 1245 Chicago Ave, in Evanston, IL.

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