Getting Old Sucks

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Getting Old Sucks, devised and directed by CDE Ensemble Members, Scott Dare and Michele Stine, explores the aging process through individual experiences. Don't let the title fool you. Getting Old Sucks chases stories from all walks of life, diving deep into moments from pain and satisfaction to despair and elation. When did you last play hide-and-seek? Do you know how much a coffin costs? This production prods at the absurdity in the monotony of our trek through this timeline called, life. Aging may have its challenges, but it is also filled with precious moments that last a lifetime.

Over the past 18 months, 11 ensemble members, led by Dare and Stine, have collected interviews with people age 7 to 87, locally, nationally, and internationally, to ask questions about the way people relate to age. Through the use of dance, games, live music, and text, the ensemble travels through the ups and downs of what it means to age to prove you are never too old to dance.


Running Time
75 minutes
Dance Styles
Modern / Contemporary
Circus Arts


Ebenezer Lutheran Church

1650 W Foster Ave
Chicago, IL 60640
(773) 561-8496