Noontime performance-Made in Chicago Series

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  Perceptual Motion, Inc. kicks off Chicago Dance Month with the  premiere of its latest work choreographed based on the wining idea from its Your Ideas in Motion Contest.  The  contest asks viewers to suggest an idea for a dance and the winner is literally drawn from a hat.  The winner is given opportunity to attend rehearsals and be involoved in the choreographic process.

 Also included is a sneak peek at Perceptual Motion's Spring concert featuring choreography by Lin Shook and Harvard Vallance .  Works from the repertory are Conversation Interruptus and Dance 101.  

Dance 101(2015) is a look at why people are drawn to dance.  It employs the pure beauty of movement derived from slowing down, retrograding and speeding up actions found in sports and ballet.

Conversation Interruptus (2009)  is a witty look at the impact of cell phones on our lives.  They are a blessing and a curse.  Our addiction to them threatens our relationships. We stand amidst a vortex of interruptions, dropped connections and a yearning for truly meaningful connection.  With the addition of texting, life becomes even more complex.

Original music is by Chicago composers, dancers are aged 23 to 82! 

FREE Admission!

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Modern / Contemporary


Harold Washington Library Center: Cindy Pritzker Auditorium

400 South State Street (Entrance on Plymouth Court )
Chicago, IL 60605
(773) 472-1105