Perceptual Motion, Inc.

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PERCEPTUAL MOTION, INC is a dynamic, multi-generational modern dance company under the artistic direction of Lin Shook. Its mission is engage dancers of mixed ages to create inspiring and meaningful experiences that open awareness, challenge perceptions and create community.  PMI's  programming brings the art form of dance into people's lives by transforming the imagery of dance into personal experiences. The company was born out of the belief that people of all ages and backgrounds can be touched and empowered by dance.

PMI's dancers, who range in age from 23 to 73, bring a wealth of expressive wisdom from their diverse life experiences. Perceptual Motion's programming explores and celebrates the powerful impact of dance and its true purpose: to communicate, express and celebrate life.
In 2006 the National Center for Creative Aging honored Perceptual Motion as one of six organizations nationwide named Selected Best Practices in Dance for Older People.
"The spectrum of ages and movement ability creates an inspiring dichotomy - one that's very robust yet calming, ethereal and real." (Lucia Mauro - Chicago Tribune)

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Modern / Contemporary
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Adult Beginner
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Perceptual Motion, Inc.

4057 N. Damen Ave, Unit 1
Chicago, IL 60618
(773) 549-3958


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