Ratri: Music and Dance of the Night

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Mandala Arts presents RATRI, an afternoon of extraordinary Indian dance and live music.
Translated, RATRI means “The Night,” and through music, dance, and vocals, Mandala Arts will tell the story of RATRI.

International master vocalist, Sudha Raghuraman will interweave soaring vocals through three powerful and distinct Indian dances: Kuchupudi, Bharatanatyam, and Kathak.

Each dance ebbs and flows with sharp variance revealing the complex moods of night, including lonesome darkness, jubilant glow of the moon, and romantic longing. RATRI unfolds with beautiful melodies, poetic interaction, and stunning Indian dance.

RATRI is highly unique choreography that highlights the beauty of the three distinct dance styles, but finds powerful moments of respite and unity between them. Audiences who want an introduction to classical Indian dance as well as well-versed individuals seeking fresh perspectives will find it fascinating, moving, and thoroughly enjoyable.

Each section (or style) of RATRI will be accompanied by a live orchestra and led by master dancers.

1. Laksha Dantran in KUCHUPUDI. This type of dance is known for its dynamic movements, leaps, precise coordination between different body parts, and very fast rhythms.

2. Ashwaty Chennat in BHARATANATYAM. This type of dance is known for geometric shapes/poses, sharp angles, and grounded, controlled movement.

3. Anagha Sundararajan in KATHAK. This is known for intricate musicianship and footwork, flowing movement, and spins.

Together these contrasting sections will all find unity in abhinaya (or storytelling), common across all Indian classical forms. The use of hand gestures, musicality, and facial expressions all tell stories of romance, discovery, and the mythology of the night.

Following the performance, guests are invited to join the company for tea and conversation.

Tickets can be purchased online at Mandala South Asian Performing Arts website www.MandalaArts.org.

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2 hours
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The Reva and David Logan Center for the Arts

915 East 60th Stret
Chicago, IL 60637