The Rebirth of Women

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Body Confidence for Queens (BCQ) is a trailblazing Dance Company native to Chicago, created by CEO and dance extraordinaire Mocha Mocha. BCQ is the place where women can come to find their power, rid themselves of fear & self-doubt, attain self assurance, and learn to love themselves unconditionally. 

Body Confidence for Queens presents: The Rebirth of Women, will take you on a journey through the lives of women. Influenced by a world of societal trends determining the standards of beauty, these women have fought to create their own definition of beauty and self love. 

This showcase is a celebration for women, and it aims to motivate, inspire, educate and raise awareness on topics such as body dysmorphia and body positivity. The Rebirth of Women is not just a dance showcase, it's a movement for women. It teaches women that body positivity is necessary, sisterhood is a must and women empowerment is everything!!

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Bassline Music Complex

2239 S Michigan
Chicago, IL 60616