Body Confidence For Queens

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Body Confidence for Queens (BCQ) is a trailblazing Dance Company native to Chicago created by CEO and dance extraordinaire Mocha Mocha. This sanctuary was created so that women can have a safe & positive space to be themselves. The mission of Body Confidence for Queens is to create a strong society of women who are mentally & physically confident, and we do this through dance, meditation and mirror affirmations. BCQ is the place where women can come to find their power, rid themselves of fear & self-doubt, attain self assurance, learn to love themselves unconditionally, and form healthy relationships. Whether it's branching out to other women with BCQ affirmations, self-love techniques, the tenacity for self-discovery through body positivity, or rising to the occasion of dancing without judgement, Body Confidence for Queens celebrates YOU and seeks to demonstrate and inspire self-acceptance and resolve.


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