The Retreat

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"... tiny, mesmerizing dramas resemble those of a live wildlife webcam…. Antonick and Meyer eddy and creep and flash across the stage; they challenge the limits of their prescribed space." 
- Chicago Tribune

The Retreat features three overlapping viewing experiences: the ticket-buyer can choose a traditional evening-length performance, a long-form experience extending until midnight, or an overnight format offering performance viewing, dinner, hypnagogic movement workshops for the audience, sleeping nests, and a culminating post-coffee performance.

The Retreat is a stopover towards TEEM, a long-term project being developed over the next year including sleepovers and takeovers, do-overs and makeovers, body possessing mind and art as disturbance ecology.

In this world, art infests public space, overtaking our epidemic of the busy, beckoning the audience to retreat: with spacious sweeps of time counterpointing a density of intricately interwoven stimuli, inviting reflection and engagement, daydreaming and fascination. The cumulative substrate of textures, sights and sounds forms a refuge from distractions, into which the startling burst of foreign creatures presents micro-dramas operating with lucid and inexplicable logic.

Full price tickets are $270; this reflects the cost, per seat, of creating this performance. Discounted seats are $90, $30 and $10; these are subsidized by grants and individual donations.


(Photo by Dan Merlo)

Dance Styles
Modern / Contemporary


Indian Boundary Park

2500 W. Lunt Ave.
Chicago, IL 60645
(773) 764-0338