Indian Boundary Park

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Tucked away in the West Ridge neighborhood sits a community treasure-Indian Boundary Park and Cultural Center. Beyond the quaint Tudor-style field house, visitors can discover a beautifully restored, duck-filled lagoon, a small public zoo area with goats, sheep, chickens and ducks, a children's spray pool, sandbox, and four tennis courts. There is plenty of open space for peaceful picnics; groups of 20 or more must have a park permit. Permits are availabe at the field house.

The Indian Boundary fieldhouse, designed by Clarence Hatzfeld, features Native American-themed ornament inspired by the park's name, taken from a territorial boundary established between the Pottawattomie Indians and United States Government. Inside is a beautiful auditorium with stage, used for programs, theatre productions, concerts, community meetings and private rentals.

As a designated cultural center, Indian Boundary thrives with various painting, piano, dance and voice lessons for both children and adults. Some classes take place on the park's back porch, so that artists can use the park's scenery as inspiration.

Theatre arts is a mainstay, including youth and adult play productions, teen improvisation and theatre games.

Indian Boundary is a residency site in the Civic Orchestra of Chicago's program, offering free, family-oriented and interactive concert performances for the community throughout the year.


Indian Boundary Park

2500 W. Lunt Ave.
Chicago, IL 60645
(773) 764-0338