Screendance Club: Pieta for America

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Online Event
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RSVP for our June Screendance Club featuring Cecil McDonald, Jr.'s Pieta for America, with the conversation moderated by D’onminique Boyd.

Cecil McDonald Jr. is most interested in the intersections of masculinity, familial relations, and the artistic and intellectual pursuits of black culture, particularly as this culture intersects with and informs the larger culture. Through photography, video, and dance/performance, Cecil seeks to investigate and question the norms and customs that govern our understanding of each other, our families, and the myriad of societal struggles and triumphs.

In the role as an artist in residence, Cecil moved about creating performance, political in scope, during the passing period of a large Chicago public High School. These performances were meant to instruct and inspire the student body in artistic labor and political protest. Pieta, or pity for the American flag and by extension the American condition.

Join See Chicago Dance's latest program, Screendance Club: a radically casual watch-party and discussion of short dance films. Different from a typical talk-back, Screendance Club aims to create an environment of open conversation and exploration--with artists, filmmakers, and viewers on an equal footing. SCD writers curate and facilitate conversations on viewing and interpreting dance on screen.

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1 hour