Workshop for the Nelkin Line and Creation of the Chicago Line

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 The Pina Bausch Foundation launched "The Nelken Line" project to encourage Bausch enthusiasts (and their willing friends, colleagues, students and family members) to start their own lines and share videos of them.  Perceptual Motion, Inc. has taken this idea further into creating a Chicago Line to be performed in addition to Bausch's Nelkin Line. 

Lin Shook & Perceptual Motion, Inc. dancers will hold workshops for those interested in participating in this extended project.  Participants must register and agree to attend at least 2 workshops in order to perform.  More detailed info at

So far, participants have come from everywhere from Morocco to Chile, (Dublin had over 300!) performing in locations like soccer stadiums, a French nursery school, and through the campus of Jacob's Pillow.  So many people have taken part that the project has now been extended to May 31, 2018.

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Modern / Contemporary


Perceptual Motion, Inc.

4057 N. Damen Ave, Unit 1
Chicago, IL 60618
(773) 549-3958