Yuko Kaseki - Frontier in Body Workshop

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Origin of you is full of miracles.

Dig and cultivate body as a frontier to find out untapped field of emotions, memories and sensations... Research each of body parts in detail, in order to reconnect.

Observe habits of movement in social functions and challenge yourselves out of the comfort zones. Disorder is a way of creativity to find new avenues of physical awareness.

The workshop’s emphasis is to develop original movement through body awareness, sensitivity and also helps discover hidden dynamic energy.

@OuterSpace Studios, 1474 N. Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL
Wed, May 1, 6-9pm;
Thurs, May 2, 6-9pm;
Friday, May 3, 12-3pm;
Saturday, May 4, 1-6pm;
Total: 14 hours

Early Bird Prices until April 21.
$200 for full workshop.
Approximately $14/student hour, 1-3 day options available.

This workshop does build every day, but our lives and schedules may not allow for complete immersion. Come to as many as you can, and we welcome all curious bodies! The space does have a long set of stairs however, so regrettfully is not wheelchair/handicapped accessible.
Student/volunteer discounts available upon request and availability.
Contact butohchicago@gmail.com for details.

Physical training is based on Noguchi gymnastics, elements of Tai-Chi Dao-yin and Butoh methodology. We practice for the whole body to be permeable and awaken deeper layers of sensitivity. We try to find the center of our body (Tanden), which is our energy source. Listening honestly to the variants of inner and develop this in relation to the outer.

The workshop offers the possibility to seek and experience in solo, duet and group improvisations with image, element, space, and relationship. Through intensity and reduction everyone can dive deeply into stillness/movement and translate it into individual manifestations. It is important for each person to find one’s own unique body, physical reality and exposure of existence.

*Release exercises, inspired by Noguchi Taiso (Gymnastics), Tai-Chi Dao-yin and Butoh methodology

*breathing exercises

*dynamic training for the flow of energy

*Butoh-related work to activate our senses

*structured improvisation, free association

Yuko Kaseki is a director, choreographer, Butoh dancer, performance artist, improviser and teacher, based in Berlin. She teaches and performs in solo and ensemble pieces and improvisations through out 26 countries. These works are poetic and vivid images that incorporate the spirit of Butoh, performance and live art. Her performance aims to reflect the outsider’s existence. Various International collaborations include inkBoat (SF), Tableau Stations (SF), CAVE (NY), Poema Theatre (Moscow), Salad Theater (Seoul) and more. She is also a key collaborator with mixed ability artists including Theater Thikwa (Berlin).



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OuterSpace Studios

1474 N. Milwaukee Ave.
Chicago, IL 60642