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    Hot Mess! a multimedia hybrid of dance music poetry theater video glitch queer family talk show
    Hot Mess! a multimedia hybrid of dance music poetry theater video glitch queer family talk show
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Individual Artist

Butoh Chicago started as a spark of an idea, a passionate attempt to make something more collectively shared, with specific regard and respect for the tradition of Butoh. This persistence to raise awareness of the art and philosophy of Butoh created a space for Butoh Chicago to begin a works-in-progress arts organization. We attempt to renegotiate terms of exchange not based on hierarchies or normative behavior, but with tenable respect for a culture of inclusivity, of all nations, creeds, and gender. We accept our flawed attempt as honorable.

We are human, and we are forever curious and grateful to our (in)humanity. We bring a sense of collective positive behavior to all we do.

“We built this city on rock and roll” Starship / Jefferson Airplane

One by one, we have made a triptych of “post-butoh” festivals over 5 years, Spawned Seeds April 2014, SS2 in April 2015, and SS3: Battles in April 2017 and many happenings in between.

We continue to organize happenings and workshops as possible. These gatherings continue to gather energy and momentum, and we are learning to deepen our roots even as new leaves emerge.

Through weekly classes and ongoing opportunities for training, performance, and collaborations, we open our arms to the community to outsider artists and immigrant peoples, for we are outsiders ourselves. We are most often misunderstood and caught up in the unwinding. We are in fact, improvising as we go, and realize ourselves to be capable of change at any moment, using our intuition, our sensations, our creative passion.

Find out more at www.butohchicago.com

Dance Styles
Modern / Contemporary
Multi-Ability / Physically Integrated
Traditional/Indigenous Dance


Butoh Chicago

1474 N Milwaukee Ave
Chicago, IL 60647
(503) 317-4501


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