Kaleidoscope Choreographers Festival

Alliance Dance Company presents our 2nd Annual Choreographers Festival - Kaleidoscope.

Last year was a big success with the final show a sellout.  This year is even bigger.

If a Kaleidoscope operates on the principle of multiple reflection,
then this dance festival is truly such!

You will not want to miss a chance to see one of the most diverse dance festivals
in Chicago with works created by 25 choreographers from the Midwest region.

Over 60 pieces were submitted for consideration by committee to bring you
a different show each night!

Trinity Irish Dance Company breathes crossover rhythms Into traditional forms for leap day dancing at the Auditorium

The biggest news-maker on Trinity's upcoming engagement at the Auditorium is a world premiere with MacArthur "Genius" Michelle Dorrance. It's part of Trinity's continued efforts to find intersections between percussive cultural dance forms.

Palpable passion and unwavering trust in Flip Fabrique's acrobatic circus show about winter

Peanuts and elephants and acrobats, oh my! Most people associate those things with the circus, but how often do we get to experience the circus from the comfort of theater seats? Yes, Cirque Du Soleil delves into the crossover of dance theater and circus arts, but Flip Fabrique, a Quebecois company of seven acrobatic dancers, plays with the concept of circus act meets proscenium stage in a refreshingly comical way.

All rigor and no pith in two Same Planet premieres

In an evening of premieres, Same Planet Performance Project brought two new works to the Dance Center of Columbia College Chicago Feb 21. “Bad Bunny” by Same Planet artistic director Joanna Read and “Ammonite” by the NYC-based Ivy Baldwin used athletic, contemporary choreography to investigate terms of consent and our anthropological connection to the natural world around us, respectively. 

Poonie’s Cabaret brightens mid-winter blues with a not-so-classic nod to the classics

On a cold, rainy Monday in February, a time many probably intended for quiet night in, Poonie’s Cabaret brought a hollering, intimate crowd into Links Hall for dance, music, laughter and a reminder of the pure joy that comes from letting loose (and shedding a couple layers) when we would normally let the gray weather get the best of us. 

Performing a book: NIC Kay launch of 'Cotton Dreams' started with a bouquet of cotton, and became about textiles, labor and the history of slavery

Over ten years ago, NIC Kay started taking performative walks down the streets of New York City—merely exploring a glimpse of an idea. Carrying a bouquet of cotton, a mannequin and other seemingly random objects, the NYC-based artist (who uses gender-neutral pronouns) sparked discussions and interesting public visuals. They had no idea those walks would grow into the book “Cotton Dreams,” which would then lead to a live performance and book release at Links Hall. 

Mixed-rep from the here and now defines Joffrey’s 'The Times Are Racing'

The Joffrey Ballet’s “The Times Are Racing” sprints into the 2020 season with four modern stylists setting the pace for the new decade. 
Christopher Wheeldon’s “Commedia” (2008), set to Stravinsky’s “Pulcinella Suite," the Chicago premiere of Israeli choreographer Itzik Galili’s “The Sofa” and “Mono Lisa,” Chicago choreographer Stephanie Martinez’s “Bliss!” (2019), and Justin Peck’s “The Times Are Racing” (2017), also a Chicago premiere, comprise a program of widely contrasting mood, style, and music.

Punxsutawney Phil says spring is on its way—so does our dance calendar

It’s my job to watch dance. How cool is that? I wish I could see everything. I wish I could clone myself. I wish we had a bigger budget. I wish it didn’t take 90+ minutes to go 10 miles in this city I love. Until more money, clones or more efficient transit options are a thing, our wonderful SCD writers and I simply have to do our best.

The Cambrians dance to each other’s different drummer in 'Chicago Dances 2020'

The Cambrians put a new spin on dancing to a different drummer with “Chicago Dances 2020,” Feb. 6-9 at Preston Bradley Center. With music ranging from baroque concerti, to classic '60s and '70s rock, to opera and movie and video game soundtracks, the possibilities are endless.

Concept Dances debut filled with freshness, collaboration and surprising 'chair-ography'

Everyone knows the feeling that comes about when teachers and bosses alike say those dreaded words: group project. There’s the person who does everything and the person who does nothing, and there’s probably a chance someone drops the ball on some aspect come final presentations, so what good can actually come from a group project? Well, “However,” the debut performance of Concept Dances, is the epitome of the good that comes from group projects.