Kaleidoscope Choreographers Festival

Alliance Dance Company presents our 2nd Annual Choreographers Festival - Kaleidoscope.

Last year was a big success with the final show a sellout.  This year is even bigger.

If a Kaleidoscope operates on the principle of multiple reflection,
then this dance festival is truly such!

You will not want to miss a chance to see one of the most diverse dance festivals
in Chicago with works created by 25 choreographers from the Midwest region.

Over 60 pieces were submitted for consideration by committee to bring you
a different show each night!

‘Moving Dialogs’ Finale Points to Why It Was So Important

"Moving Dialogs: Culture in Motion," a joint effort between See Chicago Dance and the Chicago Cultural Alliance, paired three dance companies with three of Chicago’s cultural heritage centers to exchange ideas. Each team, in its own way, used culturally-specific artifacts from the museum’s collection as fodder for generating choreography from a group of dancers largely unfamiliar with the traditions of that culture.

The Stress of Preparation is Worth “The Retreat’s” Rewards


It’s too easy to get lost in the grind. Day after day, deadline after deadline, we just keep going. We look for the next weekend, and then the next, often not recognizing when it gets unsustainable, or when something needs to change. A retreat is not a vacation, but a scaling back – a turning away from the front lines of a battle to regroup and start again.

Seldoms’ “Marchland” A Dangerous World

You would certainly not hesitate to call The Seldoms a dance company, but it has carved a unique identity for its bold use of dance to dive headlong into global issues that typically transcend dance and go well beyond the range of conventional choreographic exploits. Often intertwining choreographed passages with spoken text, theater, video, and original live music, recent works have addressed the 2008 recession, power and powerlessness in America, and the social phenomenon of “The Sixties.” 


Giordano Offers Classic Jazz, Marinated, for Rousing Season Closer

There’s something magical that happens to dancers at the end of a season, when their bodies and minds are on the brink of exhaustion and summer vacations are just around the corner. It’s a magic I witnessed while taking in Giordano Dance Chicago’s last performance of the season Saturday night at the Auditorium Theatre, but I’ll get to that later.