The Academy of Dance Arts

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The Academy of Dance Arts at Illinois Ballet Theatre provides the finest technical training in the Quad Cities in addition to performance opportunities in a professional environment. Our goals are to train technically and prepare every dancer for the possibility of choice as they grow and mature.Not every student chooses to study dance in pursuit of a professional or college career. IBT teaches the same technique for all levels of study. No matter your intent, we will guarantee that you receive superior technical instruction. The classroom environment is always informative, challenging, supportive and enjoyable.


From Creative Movement to Advanced Levels of Dance, the Director will assess your individual goals and a suggest a program that best suits your needs. Thank you for choosing Illinois Ballet Theatre (of the Quad Cities). We look forward to working with you. Your dance education is our priority.


The Academy of Dance Arts

1524 Centre Circle
Downers Grove, IL 60515
(630) 495-4940