Anna Martine Whitehead

Organization Type
Individual Artist


Notes on Territory: Meditation 1
November 15, 2019 - January 15, 2020
Free, Site/Less
Built to the same dimensions as the attic Harriet Jacobs lived in for 7 years on her journey from slavery to freedom, Notes on Territory: Meditation 1 is a crawl space, lounge, library, and site of intermittent durational performances. 


Notes on Territory
November 22-24, 2019
$15, Green Line Performing Arts Center
Director and choreographer Anna Martine Whitehead presents Notes on Territory, which brings together an array of research modalities to address the dialectical concerns: What is the prison; and What is the nature of freedom? Territory considers crosses and arches, walls and holes, as means of exploring the rich tradition of oppressed peoples' liberation practices. At its core, the work offers movement as research, in kinship with transdisciplinary artist-philosophers such as Torkwase Dyson, Dawn Lundy Martin, and Renée Green; transdisciplinary scholars such as Simone Browne, Michelle M. Wright, and Katherine McKittrick; and freedom dreamer Harriet Jacobs.

Anna Martine Whitehead and this performance are supported by a 2018 Chicago Dancemakers Forum Lab Artist award. The Chicago Dancemakers Forum Lab Artists program makes $15,000 grants to choreographers annually. Grants are combined with mentorship throughout the research, development and presentation of newly choreographed work.



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