ARTango Center

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ARTango Center is a place where you can enjoy tango music and dance, and experience authentic Argentine culture.

The tango of twenty-first century is the tango of the Golden Age (1930s-50s). Today, this dance has experienced a rebirth and can be seen in cities all over the world from Los Angeles to Berlin. While it seems that in our complicated everyday lives passion and desire is not commonplace, tango gives us a chance to connect with another embrace.

ARTango is our own Buenos Aires in Chicago where everyone can feel the heat of the milonga nights of Argentina. Come and dance in our world of tango; fall in love with it and meet new friends in the ever growing tango community. And remember, even on the coldest days of winter you have an escape to the warmth of the sweet melodies of Buenos Aires, right here in Chicago - 4203 N. Ravenswood Avenue.


ARTango Center

4203 N. Ravenswood
Chicago, IL 60613
(312) 823-4859