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In its heyday, Bronzeville was home to the cream of Chicago’s African American society. In the forefront of the neighborhood’s many cultural institutions, artists, intellectuals, and entrepreneurs engaged in a robust dialogue on matters of importance to the community.

Recent years have seen a powerful resurgence of this creative energy, with art galleries, restaurants, schools, theaters and event facilities providing vital new public forums.

Cliff Rome, the proprietor of Bronzeville’s Parkway Ballroom, is committed to rekindling this Culture of Conversation. Thousands have gathered at the Parkway for art exhibits, fashion events, literary readings, dance competitions, and film premieres.

Now Mr. Rome and Eileen Rhodes introduce Blanc, a fine art gallery, to Bronzeville.

Blanc’s bold mission is to engage African Americans and all Chicagoans through the arts and to ignite a dialogue on issues of spiritual, political and social significance.

Blanc regularly showcases local and non – local artist in an exploration of a compelling theme.

The gallery also fosters a wide-reaching exchange of ideas through its multi-faceted approach:

“Speak Easy”: Hosting diverse events for the public—openings, artist talks, panel discussions.

“Do Well/Do Good”: Sponsoring events for non-profit agencies whose work intersects with the concerns of the artists. Each cycle, Blanc identifies two local non-profits and highlights their missions, helping them to raise awareness and funding.

Private Rental: Blanc is also available for rental by the public; the art on its walls creates a vibrant and engaging ambiance for any private event.

Blanc: a center for ideas and a meeting place for people…a Culture of Conversation.


Blanc Gallery

445 South King Drive
Chicago, IL 60653
(773) 373-4320