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Dynamic Force (DF) is a performance dance program designed to unite and prepare youth of every race, religion and socio-economic background to partake in dance training at its best. The program is focused with the techniques of Jazz and Hip –Hop, specialized with the elements of lyrical ballet. We strive to make our dancers realize their full potential as active dancers of their communities. Our curriculum is built on confidence, coordination and social skills. Dynamic Force is an instructional and competitive dance program, for boys and girls ages 2-18yrs old designed to help your child learn fundamental skills, while performing or competing in a fun and supportive environment.  We are looking for kids who enjoy the art form of dance and are willing to work and learn.  There are no other requirements needed to join Dynamic Force. We offer a very positive experience and atmosphere of dance. The kids learn to dance as one with team effort in an unselfish way. To build a championship team, it takes time, character, effort, and teamwork. The goal is for every child to have an enjoyable experience with Dynamic Force. The programs will be held in different facilities throughout the Chicago land area. Our coaching staff is committed to developing individual skills, introducing new and improved choreography, as well as introducing concepts of team unity. We will improve dancers overall understanding of the art of Dance. Dynamic force is proud to have enthusiastic and highly qualified coaches and choreographers to run our dance teams. Our coaching staff includes individuals who come directly from the dance world, studied dance and or still performing in companies all over the U.S.

How do we do it?

Technique training:

Dynamic Force dance program empowers the dancers by giving them consistent, innovative and impactful dance technique based with Ballet, Jazz, and Hip Hop. We offer quality classes with a strong technique program. We are goal oriented with no pre-requisites needed. We instruct beginning level classes, which teach the basics of each discipline, while building self- esteem, through intermediate and advanced level classes. This emphasizes the skill and precision that makes a technically trained polished dancer. We take pride in having qualified, energetic and diverse instructors who provide a positive dance experience.

Social Workshops:

We provide historical dance videos as well as guest speakers who are working professional dancers to impact the education of dance. Team bonding is very important to us. We value providing the dancers with a dynamic, engaging, and interactive atmosphere for positive attitudes. Education and discipline is the center of our company. When you can understand the technique you can learn the technique better. Every dancer is an asset and plays a vital role in a team’s success. Respect and trust is key in team unity.

Performance Opportunities:

We take pride in representing our city. We love to showcase our talents and inspire the world through dance. Given the opportunity, Dynamic Force will perform at some of the most popular festivals, venues, and parades in the Chicago land area. We also partake in various competitions.

Dance Styles
Hip Hop
Modern / Contemporary
Age Levels
Young Adults


Dynamic Force Dance

2150 S Canalport Ave
Chicago, IL 60608
(773) 932-6230

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