The Edge Off Broadway

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Chicago has a very special storefront theater community. Many individuals in this community have unexpected alter egos, such as realtor, accountant, lawyer, financial analyst, jewelry designer, middle manager, or computer engineer. Others are able to make the performing arts their primary profession. All benefit from having a place to showcase their craft and teach it to others. The Edge Theater was created to be such a place: available to all, no agenda, a blank slate with some fun bells and whistles.

At first, the building served as the home of a children’s theater company, providing room for classes, story hours, rehearsals, performances, and even summer camps. It was also available to itinerant theater and dance companies looking for a place to perform. The inaugural show, The Hound of the Baskervilles produced by Idle Muse Theatre Company, opened in March 2016. As time passed, the children’s theater company moved on, and it became apparent there was high demand for a more intimate and flexible performance space. We were able to grow our family of renters by purchasing an adjacent building and creating a black box theater. Opened in January 2019, this space is aptly named The Edge Off Broadway.

Audiences visiting The Edge Theater have enjoyed musical theatre, straight plays, dance performances, storytelling, concerts, world premieres, and works in progress. We are honored to have so many artists use The Edge Theater to tell their stories, teach their craft, and grow their community.


The Edge Off Broadway

1133 West Catalpa Avenue
Chicago, IL 60640
(773) 769-9112