Harold Washington Cultural Center

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The Cultural Center is bustling with a myriad of activities and programs to choose from, all housed within a venue that rivals some of Chicago's most intricately-designed, contemporary structures to date! Beyond the beautiful limestone facade and expansive two-story windows that span the building's entire north side, visitors are greeted in a foyer of terrazzo marble and a soaring spiral iron staircase ascending to the upper level of the Center.

Bedecking the upper-level north wall is our treasured "Wall of Fame," recognizing all individual and corporate donors, regardless of contribution size, extending our immense gratitude for their support of the vision we have for Bronzeville. Adorning the lower-level north wall are flat-screen plasma television monitors, capable of receiving & displaying cable & satellite transmissions. These monitors also afford us flexibility & variation in the types of marketing, promotion & advertising we offer corporations, as we have the capability to broadcast directly from the theatre or from the other side of the world!

In addition to the beautiful physical amenities, HWCC is also home to a number of educational, cultural and entertainment programs for children, adults and seniors. The Center features a 1,000-seat ComEd Performing Arts Theatre, a Digital Media & Fine Arts Information Resource Center, a Radio & Television Broadcast Center and the Music & Performing Arts Institute. Please continue reading to learn more about our innovative, creative programs offering opportunities & access to our youth.


Harold Washington Cultural Center

4701 Martin Luther King Dr.
Chicago, IL 60653
(773) 373-1900