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Illinois Center for Kathak is a one-stop gateway to a more holistic lifestyle, where you can learn and celebrate Indian dance styles, learn Vedic teachings and become a part of a worldwide community that stretches back millennia. With our classes, festivals, empowerment programs, and events, there are plenty of opportunities to challenge yourself and go to the next level.

No matter what culture or part of the world you may be from, many people struggle with feelings of isolation, self doubt, and wanting to be something bigger than themselves–and have for thousands of years. Over that time, many found a solution to these problems in the arts, and we believe that within the classical Indian dance tradition and arts is the key to unlocking your potential. From first hand experience, we and our instructors know that to participate is to go outside of yourself and connect with stories of people from past and present, many going through similar struggles. Mastering these stories can equip you to tell your own, and we want to be with you for every step of the way. Whether it be through our dance, our events, or our life style classes, we welcome all to our community.

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Illinois Center for Kathak

410 S. Michigan Ave, #464
Chicago, IL 60605
(312) 479-8128

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