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Niko8 is a performance collective and artistic incubator that supports the creative process of presenting original work that tackles pressing and universal topics of the human condition . We seek to infuse rigorous movement with a heightened theatrical sensibility and bold visual design to enrich and reinvigorate the power and accessibility of live performance. We are guided by our core values of : artist to artist resource sharing, amplifying the dignity of all artists and craftspeople, active audience engagement and artistic risk taking.

Our Core Values

1. Artist to Artist Resource Sharing

Too often the financial burden of producing live performance keeps talented artists from doing so- we hope to alleviate the financial and administrative burden for artists who share our core values. We seek to level the economic playing field by offering micro-residencies, profit sharing amongst artists, production opportunities and free or low cost educational initiatives.

2. Amplifying The Dignity Of All Artists

We seek to create fair, holistic and equitable working standards for all artists, craftspeople, stage crew and other labor working with Niko8.

3. Active Audience Engagement

We seek to lower both the financial and cultural barriers that keep a majority of our potential audience members from attending live performance- this includes free and discounted opportunities for students, working artists and underserved members of the community. This also includes creating historically relevant work that seeks to engage with a large demographic often closed off from traditional performance.

4. Artistic Risk Taking

We seek a creative process rooted in collaboration and curiosity in order to move away from our perceived thoughts and boundaries in order to find unique and unseen perspectives. Through this act, we hope to create work that provokes and inspires a more inclusive and heartfelt audience experience.

Dance Styles
Modern / Contemporary


Niko8 Performance

2620 West Washington
Chicago, IL 60612
(630) 710-1452


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