Same Planet Performance Project

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Same Planet Different World Dance Theatre is dedicated to presenting the most perfect embodiment of dance -- dance that is evocative and enjoyable. SPDW Dance acknowledges that the audience is as important to the dance as the movements and steps themselves. The company presents work that is inspiring, vibrant and relevant. SPDW's intriguing repertoire consists of work from formidable Chicago artists as well as choreographers from across the nation, with styles that incorporate classical and contemporary modern dance, jazz and improvisational experimentation. Since 1997, SPDW Dance has showcased repertoire that is rich and varied.

In this way, audiences as well as SPDW Dance Theatre's performing artists are fulfilled by the work. The Company has grown to include an active Board of Directors, Executive Director Katie Saifuku, Artistic Director Joanna Rosenthal and more than more fourteen dancers. The repertoire includes works by national and internally recognized choreographers like Faye Driscoll, Ron DeJesus, Jan Erkert, Ginger Farley, Ashleigh Leite, Jodi Lomask, Shihrley Mordine, Molly Shanahan, Eduardo Vilaro, Sam Watson, and Sherry Zunker among others. SPDW Dance self-produces two shows a year, participates in regional and national festivals and is responsible for the acclaimed Guest Artist Program.


Same Planet Performance Project

832 West Lakeside Place #2S
Chicago, IL 60616
(773) 506-8730


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