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Soham Dance Space is a pioneering studio that seeks to uphold the practice, appreciation, and development of the bharatanatyam art form, while making it accessible to everyone. Bharatanatyam is a classical dance form of India that uses geometric movement, rhythmic footwork, codified hand gestures, and subtle facial expressions to create vibrant dances and tell colorful stories.

Founded by dance artist Anjal Chande, an accomplished bharatanatyam practitioner, performer, and passionate advocate for multicultural arts education, Soham Dance Space is built around an expansive vision for the possibilities of Indian dance.

Soham houses a contemporary bharatanatyam dance company call The Soham Dance Project, as well as a dance school that offers a long-term curriculum for children and an inviting forum for adults. Soham Dance Space aims to meaningfully engage a broader community with this art by producing highly innovative and relevant work in classical and contemporary Indian dance.

With excellence in bharatanatyam dance, Soham Dance Space seeks to empower students, artists, and audiences with the tools to be creative, inquisitive, confident, and compassionate in their daily interactions with the world.

Dance Styles
Modern / Contemporary
Culturally Specific Dance
Skill Levels
Adult Beginner
Age Levels
Young Adults


Soham Dance Space

922 N Damen Ave
Chicago, IL 60622
(708) 253-3572

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