Solarium Dance Company

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Solarium is an non-profit dance company dedicated to exploring the complexities of the human experience. Our performances are untethered from convention, weaving together narratives from past and present with dynamic movement to create immersive and emotive experiences addressing themes related to mental health, relationships, and the human condition. We value ingenuity, integrity, and openness, and are committed to pushing boundaries to present pure authenticity.

Our mission is to foster empathy and connection by creating a safe and inclusive space for audiences to confront challenging ideas surrounding different psychological health challenges. The nature of our work is person-centered and seeks to inspire individual change, detigmatize mental health issues, and contribute to the betterment of humanity within and beyond our communities. The glass walls of Solarium stand as a metaphorical barrier, inviting reflection upon the boundaries existing between performer and observer. Akin to a sunlit sanctuary, we open a window into the profound beauty and complexity of the mind. These glimpses of vulnerability and captivation act as motivators for expression and compassion.

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Modern / Contemporary


Solarium Dance Company

W School St

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