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The mission of T2 Dance Company is to enrich the dance scene. We achieve this by presenting high quality contemporary dance theatre on stage, on screen, and in non-traditional spaces, and through initiatives that provide unique choreographic opportunities and experiences to the community. We believe that working together with collaborators, independent dance artists, and cross-disciplinary artists creates unique and vibrant work, and allows for greater involvement in the arts for all.

T2 is a Colorado contemporary dance organization focused on collaboration. Founded by Australian-native, Erin Tunbridge, in 2017, T2 exists to perform and present excellent contemporary dance through collaborations, festivals, and educational programs. This includes:

Collaborations with other dance artists and companies, artists from other disciplines, and the T2 company members themselves.
Festivals presented by T2 that connect communities from all over the country and provide a platform for more dance companies to perform for more audiences.
Educational programs that provide professional development and mentoring for artists, an introduction to the arts for youth, and enjoyment of movement for senior citizens.
T2 became a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in 2018. Since then, the company has performed work in CA, CO, DC, FL, MD, MI, and NY. The company has collaborated with visual artists, literary artists, fiber artists, and dance companies. T2 is also heavily focused on community engagement and arts education, including senior classes, early childhood dance programs, and the Color Wheel Project for elementary schools.

Why T2?
The T2 Lane in Australia is the transit lane for vehicles carrying 2 or more people. This lane allows those traveling together to drive in a designated express lane avoiding the rest of the traffic. We believe that working together to make art works allows us to excel creatively.


T2 Dance Company

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