Ananya Dance Theatre

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The mission of Ananya Dance Theatre, is to create and present dance theater works that emerge from and exist at the intersection of artistic excellence and social justice.
We pursue excellence in our artistry to forge pathways that generate forces of strength and beauty, galvanize strong communities, and embody a philosophy of possibility and liberation in a shared humanity.

Through contemporary Indian dance, we generate strength and beauty, galvanize community, and invoke broader questions about social justice. We seek to reflect ordinary lives and extraordinary dreams. We explore feminine energy and celebrate a feminist aesthetic. Our company draws from women’s movements around the world to dance the stories of women’s lives. We develop and engage the creative talents of women dancers of color. Our aesthetic is embodied in the term Yorchha. Yorchha connects three Indian traditions of movement with a philosophy based on Sangram (struggle/resistance), Aanch (heat/desire), and Daak (call to action).


Ananya Dance Theatre

500 21st Ave S.
Minneapolis, MN 55455

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