Mayfair Academy of Fine Arts Inc

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Mayfair Academy of Fine Arts was established in 1957 by world-renowned tap Master, Mr. Tommy Sutton, who realized the need for a cultural education for the children of his community. Mayfair has since become the largest dance school of its type in the city of Chicago and continues to provide the best possible dance education for the children of its community. Mayfair is currently under the direction of Mr. Sutton’s daughter, who realizes that her purpose is to continue the legacy her father left before her. In 2004 Mayfair expanded with a new location in the Southern Suburbs, Mayfair Academy Too! Mayfair and Mayfair Too provide over 80 classes per week to over 700 students.

The studio has two locations : Mayfair Academy at 1025 E. 79th Street (Chicago) and Mayfair Academy Too! at 4149 W. 183rd (Country Club Hills)


Mayfair does provide a parking lot for its customers, however this lot will only hold so many cars at one time. Parents please use some common courtesy regarding the lot. During these busy times please park on the Street or wait until the lot clears out DO NOT LEAVE YOUR CAR UNATTENDED IN THE MIDDLE OF THE LOT! It is very frustrating to those who have parked properly not to be able to move their cares when they are ready to leave and the Staff does not have time to look for those car owners who have illegally parked.


Mayfair Academy of Fine Arts Inc

1025 East 79th Street
Chicago, IL 60619
(773) 846-8180