NDE Dance (Noumenon Dance Ensemble)

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Noumenon Dance Ensemble is committed to fostering a collaborative environment for professional dancers and choreographers. Its mission is to elevate non-binary, trans, and female dance artists, promoting the growth of these artists through inspiration and opportunity. 

Performing throughout Chicago, NDE focuses on making dance assessable to underserved communities. 

NDE was founded by Kristi Andarcia in 2014 as an initiative to create dance with purposeful and athletic intent in the jazz discipline. Since then the company has evolved and remained athletic while focusing on Horton technique and contemporary movement.

Noumenon Dance Ensemble has gained recognition from local and regional festivals for the athleticism and choreographic originality of it’s work.



Dance Styles
Modern / Contemporary


NDE Dance (Noumenon Dance Ensemble)

3516 W School Street
Chicago, IL 60618

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